The lost toy……………………..

The little shop dazzled with miniature toys,challenging any wandering eye to transport their gaze to any  another outlet in the vicinity.

Ashu called out, “Mamma,  that toy is smiling at me.”.This had been his endearing way of demanding toys.

I was dragged inside, a universe of toys,  seemingly squealing and squeaking.

However my two little ones stopped at a toy torch,  and the attraction? the reflection of the light on any surface manifested their favoured cartoon characters.

My card swiped for two little torches, and the flashy minions became the engrossers for the day.

As Annie Dashed through the mall, she fell and the torch broke,Lo and behold! the wails echoed  the mall, and I was engulfed in the ensuing fight,”he is not sharing .”Mine is broken………..

.She dashed at Ashi,Ashi ran to hide, the little torch gleaming in his hand, and small he was, he tried to hide behind a bin.The hand that wrapped the “precious” went up.The flap of the bin opened and his toy vanished in the………..hollow….

vidya-sury-secret-garden[1]both stood grim faced,for having lost the lone one..