To the memory land

The day was September 9,1989.I held my breath as the box sneaked in with six brawny hands holding it from the four sides.I could see Sona peeping out of her window with glint in her eyes.

A sudden surge of excitement drowned me.I felt like a fairy who had the magic wand to grant wishes.

My Science text book stared at me and urged me to nibble at the words huddled together to explain the law of gravity.The law of gravity however manifested itself in the auburn skinned box.I inched towards it.A celebrity in its own right,the auburn box stood upright swarming with admirers.The month of September which was usually bereft of  family sojourns  due to the term exams every  year was today showered with squeals and giggles.

The auburn package rested itself on a side table waiting to be opened and “oohed ” and  “aahed” upon,waiting for the innumerable appreciative gazes that it would gather,waiting for the  soothing bliss that it could shower on the mortals,sighing for those effervescent smiles garnered on its performance as the ultimate entertainer.

Day after day it gathered dust. Glum and clumsy it must be feeling I observed.Imagine the plight  of a bird with wings tied……..?This was what I felt for my auburn treasure.It could take me to unknown lands,give my eyes the ultimate pleasure I wished for,my ears the rhythmic  bliss I longed for and the ownership of the that one auburn box…………..

I laughed and dreamt about  the  images that could manifest from my auburn treasure, how I would feel when words would stumble out of that to land in my ears,when colour would entice me and the rippling  shades would paint a archipalego,when fancy fantasies would become substantial substances,when the ethereal stars of the day would elevate my spirits in elegant ensembles,when sizzling numbers would satiate the simmering spirits of adolescence and  the bubbly child in me booms an beams, brimming  the bastions.

These were the feelings about the  box which opened on the last day of the term-end exams.The first colour television of the family had arrived.As it was switched on,I could see Hema Malini singing “Mile sur mea tumhara”.It has since etched in memory.The feeling of oneness that the song brought was immense.To this day I watch it-the only source being you tube.

I wonder,whether my children could ever share the excitement,which I had when  the first colour television was installed in our house or the patience with which that box was kept for about fifteen days.Today, children are born techies.They are smart kids who swipe smart phones and google for smart answers.I wish I could take my children 25 years back and make them realize how life was then.They would value their software enabled lives more.

How excited were children then to see coloured moving pictures and how having a television at home was like wearing the crown of “ being the privileged one.”

I wish they  could see vast playgrounds,market places devoid of vehicles,summers without airconditioners,winters without blowers,communication without mobile phones,travel in transport buses,walk down with me to buy groceries,light candles and lamps during load shedding and read under them,have pen friends,send postcards,receive new year greeting cards from relatives…………….

The list is endless…….But the one single thing that I would like for them……is to value every leisure that they have.

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