A story…….of life…..

The little caterpillar wriggled.It looked high up,everything seemed blurred…….it could only see a few beautiful fluttering feathers.The caterpillar shuddered………..the world high above,seemed alien to him,those big feathers would gobble him up,thought the caterpillar.

The caterpillar hung its head,it crawled towards mother,”Mommy, I want to sleep in your lap…..I don’t want wings…..I will stay in the warmth of the colocasia*, Mommy I don’t want to grow up………

“No dear,” said Mommy.Its a  delightful and marvelous world outside.When you get your wings….those alluring two piece ensemble,painted by the master artiste will give you the pleasure to explore the infinite beauty of the world.

“Na, my dear mommy,” The caterpillar sobbed, “.I want to live in the coziness of our little world.I just want  you and me and Larry.”

“Catty”,said Mommy holding up catty in her arms.

“Think of all the beautiful things that you can do with Larry,when she also grows up to be a butterfly.”

You will fly to farway lands,admiring the vast,endless and boundless beauty that the almighty has created for us.The roses,the crysanthamums, the lilies,the daisies,the hibiscus,the sunflowers,the jasmines and hundreds of creations thrive for us.When you fly around them,they sway and your ears will resonate with their symphonic call.They would marvell at your resplendent hue and you would rejoice……the pigmented petals and their asymmetry,the innumerable fragrances that lend them a luminous and capitivating configuration.From one to another as you hop…….spreading the word of love and vibrance.The humans there would be charmed by your presence…….you will be the favored one of little kids,they would run after you as fly you way to………….angelic and divine lands of beauty.

Catty wondered,”Was Mommy right?” he thought.

“Will I recognize Larry when she turns into a butterfly?”he was sad again.

“mommy…how will I recognize Larry?”queried Catty.

“Darling, she will only grow feathers,but you friend will be the same……”

Just then they heard heavy footsteps.Mother caterpillar clasped Catty in her arms and huddled under the colocasia.

“What was that Mommy?”Catty was shivering.

“That was a human darling,their heavy feet can crush us and you will never be able to enjoy a life filled with flight.I want to see you fly……….high in the endless universe………enjoying the creations of the master craftsman.

“Mommy, said Catty,”I am going to see Larry.”

“No,dear little one,Larry is in the cocoon,she is preparing herself to be a butterfly.”whispered Mommy

“No!No!No!….cried Catty,how can she leave me? and he crawled hard, to get to Larry,his little feet aching .

As he crawled towards Larry,Catty saw her wriggling out of the coccon, a silky and shiny ball…..it flew out immersed and painted in varied colours.


Catty looked at Larry dumbfounded and awestruck at her beauty.He decided and set forth for the isolation in the cocoon which would give him his colourful silhouette.

Mommy saw Catty stepping into his silky cocoon and waited for days………to see her handsome son come out.

Days later Catty emerged, in his impeccable semblance.He kissed mommy and rose to explore the  beautiful world.




*Colocasia esculenta is a tropical plant grown primarily for its edible corms, the root vegetables whose many names include taro and eddoe



11 thoughts on “A story…….of life…..

  1. We all have a worry about change. And that’s because we don’t know for sure what will happen after the change. A butterfly is the best example of someone who accepts transformation and the associated pain , to spread happiness, even if for just few hours 🙂 Well conceived, Sitara 🙂

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