Living in agony………..

Indu never  called up Siddharth after that.

Life seem to be playing charades with her.Everything was explicit but her comprehending abilities had gone haywire.The truthfulness of incidents hovered around her,but ………….still………… was far from the truth known to her.

Amma was too rigid………..

………..Siddharth was a fishy character….she thought….he never got back to her.

What might have happened to her Indu thought??ending up in a mental asylum?

Her heart ruffled with strange thoughts…………and the ultimately she decided to call up her Ammamma(her grandmom) in Kerala.

Indu was certain that Ammamma would have the whereabouts of Gauri chechi .

The ring hummed at the other end.Indu could imagine Ammamma dressed up in her resplendent white saree and sandalwood paste adorning her forehead.Sandalwood was the fragrance that defined the lady who  was widowed when she was just 32.

And now she was seventy five.Almost four decades had gone by,living life on her own terms.She was a staunch feminist who stood up for her rights,otherwise as Ammamma would often tell her.lady-with-lamp-wall-hanging-HF57_l


“Indu,I would have been like the rice in the rice pounder,colourless and always at the receiving end,bearing the brunt and still without colour and life,”

“Be a fighter,submissiveness and submission to others will gain you nothing.”

Indu pondered,”how on earth,Ammamma did not object to Indu chechi’s marriage?”

She heard the most endearing note of her life………….

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]






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