In Gauri chechi’s shoes………………..

Indu stood at the door,continuously ringing the bell.

“Amma where have you been?I have been here for past ten minutes.”

“Where is the mulla poo?”Amma queried “I slept and missed them.” Indu said.

“I know, for you its just a ritual,you are not even a iota serious about it.”Amma said.

“Why did I call them?”Amma said as tears made a way of out of her eyes.

“Its not like that Amma.Please don’t cry.”Indu’s lips quivered

“Why can’t you forget Gauri,I know all this adverse opinions about stems around her……..I am not like Gauri’s mother,you understand and I am not going to fabricate anything like her.”Amma said in voice filled with remorse.

“ I know I was at fault when I sought to shield the truth from Gauri…….but I had no choice…..Gauri’s mother wanted me to do that.She wanted Gauri to get married desperately,as she was growing old and Gauri’s father left them when she was hardly two.”

“You don’t understand the hardships a single mother faces and that too in a remote village like ours which runs on the age old tenements which uphold suppression of women and restrain them to the four walls of the house.”

“And that lady was denied,that too……”

“Who Gauri chechi’s Amma?”Indu asked.

The door bell rang.

“It must be the mithai wala.”Amma said

“I had ordered Jalebis and pakoras.”Amma said

“Amma, You knew that Gauri chechi was wronged.?”Indu sighed.

“Madam,Please pay the bill,the delivery boy yelled”

“What is it ?Can’t you wait for a minute.”Indu yelled back

“I have ten more deliveries left,Madam,it’s not only yours.If I donot reach back on time,Babuji will deduct 50rs from my salary.Why do you shout on us poor people?”

“Ok bhaiya Sorry,you run for your errands.Take ten rupees more.”Indu grinned.

Indu desperately wanted to know about Gari chechi’s mother but Amma was in no mood.Amma evidently showed regret for the spilled words that abetted the discussion and made her delve into facts that had been under the wraps for years.

There was another call at the door.

“Amma……what all in this world you have ordered.?Do you have Bill Clinton for tea?”

She opened the door and stood there numb,frozen……………..











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