A tribute………

When I saw this prompt, a blurred assemblage of pictures tiptoed and resulted in a adrenalin rush.
The prompt egged me on to write about the pros and cons of medical facilities……………mind wavered
and everytime the words wriggled in my fingers……….my fingers quivered….to write

May 2005
The recurring headaches were a cause of concern,though he had the inkling of the reasons behind it,his blood pressure was always on the higher side……However recently his continuously pounding head had left him senseless……………….
Frequent visits to the in house pathologiccal labs yielded no result.An assosrtment of blood and urine tests ensured that he was out of his wits.The panel of doctors of one of leading companies which made fibre glass grappled with many a tests to barge in on a diagnosis.Further the C T scans ,ultrasounds and MRI ensued……………
Days stumbled into months,until they arrived at a diagnosis of polycystic kidney syndrome……a disease characterized by the presence of multiple waterfilled cysts on kidneys,which results in the enlargement of kidneys and ultimately renal failure.A genetic disease, polycystic kidney disease is life threatening and can affect the functioning of liver and pancreas as well.
This genetic disease has no medical cure.Life style changes were advised,as well as a diet congenial for kidney to be preserved at the present state as well as to nab aggravations was prescribed by the doctors.As per the medical advise of the panel of doctors,a fluctuating blood pressure may result in the rupture of the cysts which was life threatening.
A enthusiastic and lively fellow,was caricatured in a series of medical advises.He seemed to loose patience.Tall and handsome,his protruding belly was the only oddity which meagerly lessened his otherwise statesteque image…….
He learned to live with it……………………

Sep 2012
Seven years had galloped and he learned to live with those cysts.Though everybody was unaware of the fact that he had made paper planes out of those prescriptions which dictated him to live life on the terms of the vernacular medical language.
Symptoms persisted,blood pressure fluctuated amidst the effervescent personality that cradled such a rare and genetic disease.
In the middle of September,he started getting a tingling sensation in his feet.He could not raise his legs to climb stairs.Again a array of dismal looking tests,formed shapes in the indecipherable prescriptions.Tests after tests unveiled the somber state of his kidneys,which were now entirely covered with watery cysts.His kidneys did not stand a chance to survive and he was on the verge of renal failure……………
Day after day added,weird looking,muticoloured multifunctional little rascals to his kitty.Little rascals as he called them,his capsules,which he envisaged as convicts thrown into dungeons,who penalized themselves to create few breaths for us.
The little rascals however did not have the potential to curb his tingling sensation,or arrest the pain in his legs.Gradually he was dragged to the point of being immobile.The natural proficiency,bestowed upon every humanbeing became a herculean task.

Along with it he developed breathing problems.His ailments increased,much to the astonishment of his doctors,who were an elite conglomerate of certified specialists,who like statistics students were finding all possible values for a random variable.
Data collection and analysis continued,while the little rascals went futile,and he was bedridden.Then came the final blow,an xray of his lungs to diagnose the rationale behind its malfunctioning.
The X ray was done,but was never revealed to the family.Again a trail of consecutive tests and then a biopsy.It was now more than a month,since he had been admitted to one of the elite hospitals in the heart of Ahmedabad.One month of a plethora of tests could not decipher the script that his body was writing.The doctors then advised for a biopsy.
In between all this commotion,the family stood as silent spectators,rendered incapable and unlettered in the world of medicines.The sample for biopsy were sent to Mumbai for examination and it took another fifteen days before he was finally diagnosed with last stages of lung cancer.
What started as a tingling sensation in his feet,was a monster who had half gobbled his life.Hastily he was airlifted to one of the most sought after hospitals in the national capital.
I remember him in December 2012,looking feeble.A 48year old tall handsome man transformed to a emaciated bunch of bones.The last I saw him,he cried and said,I want to live.He breathed his last on February 11 2012.

I personally subscribe the reason for his death,to the laxity of doctors,who delayed diagnosis and consequently the treatment.I know he would not have survived,but probably they would have added a few more breaths to his life,a few more smiles,celebrations,occasions to remember,a few more cricket matches which he loved to watch, a few more instances when I could call out to him and his voice ringing in my ears………………….
That little more life was denied to him…………..courtesy I do not know….

I ponder over this question,to understand that if He had gone to a government medical institution,where treatment comes free of cost,albeit uncountable rounds of dimly lit rooms,and endless queues,stamps demarcating treatments categorized free……………………………..and in which half of the staff,become doctors on the basis of the quota system followed in recruitments………..would he have survived?
Rest apart don’t you think this profession should be out of this reservation gamut?
A student who scores 40% is more eligible to become a doctor than a student who gets 95%?The former being a doctor would exihibit the upliftment of his backward community and the latter being shown the exit door would migrate to a foreign country in search of greener pastures
The brain drain.
And supposedly if it is left to private institutions…..then?
Incomprehensible it is……..It took a renowned medical institution three months to arrive at a conclusion that “He” was in the last stages of cancer……………….
Private hospitals squeeze your pockets,taking advantage of the hapless vulnerability of,a patient’s family.Every single breath,in a sanitized elite hospital elicits tufts of crispy notes.

Medical facilities provided by government agencies or private should demonstrate transparency in its functioning.And any private establishment providing health care facilities should abide by and operate under the rules and regulations prescribed by government agencies.The government should inturn keep a check on the compliance.All said and done……………..
The one who left me………whom I fondly called Sasi mama……………..would never be back……


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