Its a small world……………..

small world

He held his composure lest it slither away and land into the sceptical hindi heartland ,his heart gambled with anonymous fears that swirled around, he shuddered at the thought of pacing out of that rust coloured cabin of the fuming train,as he travelled from a small hamlet Tavanur canopied in resplendent coconut trees……. in ‘God’s own country.’
The year was 1964, an eighteen year old lad, Shekhar was heading towards his first assignment with the Ministry of Labour, in the National Capital of Delhi.The train came to a halt at the New Delhi railway station,and his heart resounded with the unfamiliarity of the epicentre whose diction,cuisine and mannerisms baffled him.
Shekhar joined Ministry of Labour, where he brainstormed himself to conceptualize the arguments that could justify the bewildered eyes that intensely followed him,interrogating,scrutining eyes that resolved to swallow him.He wondered whether it was the complexion that spoke of his sea sequined motherland that annoyed his colleagues or the fact that his asymmetry with them in many a terms ,which marked him indelible among sugar laden graffitised dialect of the north.
However among the cotorie was one old gentleman,Mr K L Kapoor whose solemn eyes and sombre smile pacified Shekhar to some extent.Mr Kapoor helped him apprehend,the way to conduct himself in the crude punjabi community …..
Year 2001,I had appeared for the final exams of masters in commerce and I get my first interview call from Standard Chartered Bank.I see a guy sitting four places ahead of me,snatching every opportunity to grasp my loitering eyes ,forcing them to hear the musings of the silent waves of his heart which fluttered,beamed and boomed at my sight,as he tells me now. That day was Sep 17,2001.I still have those brilliant moments etched in my heart,that brief period of my life,which caricatured the most incandescent moments of my life andthe inestimable fortune that was bestowed on me….
And now ……..the ultimate qestion….why the world we thrive in is small?………….I came to know that this guy who made me fall head over heels in love with him is the grandson of Mr K L Kapoor…….I got married to him in 2005 and to this day I wonder about the relationship that my father had with his grandfather……..
Truly………………….it’s a small world.


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